Friday, May 22, 2009


uuuh oooh...thats right...this blog is straight ^ about MEN. why they do this, and why they do that...(clears throat)...i'm a good lookin girl (well, i least i think so) can call me vain or whatever, but i can turn some heads...i got the walk, and the talk...and the smile to ice the cake. i think i've dated almost every type of guy out there, from white collar fellas, to straight up hood figgas. and they are ALL the same...well i won't say ALL, i will say they have too much in common. and how come some guys don't know the difference in friends/relationships?? EXAMPLE: there's this guy thats is TOTALLY not my type...but he's a nice person to CHAT with...thats it...but sometimes he tends to get very, very aggravating...and ask me "Why are you ignoring me" or blah blah, "you never return my phone calls" aarrgghh...i'm not trying to make you my man just because we convo well. you're just a FRIEND...then you have that guy that you're into...the guy that you don't mind if he come over and chill EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK...the guy that you get butterflies about when he comes around...but with him...he just wants to be friends, when a relationship would work LOVELY for you too. That just pisses me off. i think thats why i make the decision to stay single. don't get me wrong, i would love a relationship...but by the time you figure out a guy, get use to each others lifestyles and all that other good stuff, you find yourself wasting time on someone you dont really care to be with. i've heard that the best man to have is your bestfriend, and i can honeslty see myself long term with my bestfriend...we have known each other for about 6years and got into ONE argument...he's good lookin, excellent head on his shoulders...and all that other "good stuff" haha...but ummm yea...if he asked me to be with him, i'd take the ride, and ride it like a cow girl. lmao. well...i think thats all i have to say for now...until something else pop up in this lil head of mine :)


Yo...whats good. I decided to create a blogger account because I like to vent...and get peoples opinions on various, money, the people I roll with, and simple crap like...WHAT SHOULD I EAT! ha. Right now I'm at a point in my life where I have MANY roads to take...I just don't know WHICH road I wanna go down. I'm making excellent money for my age...110% independent, full time single mother, with NO child support...(shout out to my baby mommas) a matter of fact...i wanna open up a momma i'm VERY outgoing...i can walk into a room full of strangers and make friends. i'm a happy person...positive, LOVE helping people...i just love people! if you wanna know more about me...well here ya go...i ride motorcycles, plan on owning one VERY soon, jet ski's, fishing, fashion, cooking, you name it, i'll do it. i love all types of musik. uhhh...ummm...yea. i dont plan on livin where im livin for the rest of my life. i do plan on travelin the frickin WORLD! and of course...taggin my kid with me...oh and ummm any man that can keep up with me. i'm ALWAYS on the go. i can be in pajamas one minute, and jazzed up the next. all you gotta go is buzz the celly and say "Dree lets go" and i'm right now...i need a vacay...i feel like im missin something in my life...and i know EXACTLY what it is...what i'm missin is something that i CAN live w/o...but it would be nice to have a strong man by my side that WON'T aggravate the crap outta me. sometimes i sit and think of the different type of businesses that i can open...EXAMPLE: B.L.C. Bikini Lawn Care Services, i bet you fellas would love to call into work and say "Boss i'm not coming in, my lawn care girls are here" ha...or a D&C Dudes and Chicks car spa. All female customers go through a line where these hot men rub their cars down, and the fellas go to the ladies...of course weather would have to be right for BOTH of these ideas...but thats just something that wonders through my head. i'm all about sexy, and both of those are sexxxxy. Well this gives you an idea about me. Questions, comments, or concerns...holla @ cha gal!