Thursday, June 18, 2009

Baby Daddy's

Whats going on with the men in this world these days? From having multiple kids, to not taking care of em, to multiple baby momma's. I'm a PROUD full time single mom, no child support, no visitation...NOTHING! Hell, I feel that I don't have to ask you to take care of YOUR seed, you laid in the bed, now make it up!! My son is my WORLD. And when I say I have a GOOD little boy, I have a GOOD LITTLE BOY! He's sooo respectful. And I have every intention to raise him to treat ALL woman with the up most respect. Father's Day is coming up, and I feel so bad sometimes because my son doesn't have his biological father here to celebrate it with him. Thank God for my dad, who has taken the roll of being the father in my son's life. My son is not a Holiday charm, and no kid should be. Sending gifts for their birthday, Easter, Christmas, and all other holiday's don't make you a FATHER! I give kudos to all the single baby momma's that can make it on their own without standing in front of a judge crying about what he needs to pay. And give even MORE kudos to the men that MAN UP and take care of their kids...without having the "system" make you. And for the men/woman out there, that DON'T take care of their kids...SHAME ON YOU, I bet you'll claim em if they make it to the NFL, or NBA, or WNBA or make SOMETHING out of their if you was there to get em where they are. If you have kids, and you and the mother/father aren't getting a long...STOP IT! Grow up and realize that you have a CHILD that is watching EVERYTHING you do...and believe it or not, they WILL pick up your bad habits!

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