Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dirty Little Secret

I hate keeping secrets,
That’s the one thing I hate to do.
Because if I keep this secret,
Not a soul will know I love you.
We kiss in the shadows,
Hoping no one will see.
Always a quiet rendezvous,
We take watch carefully.
No one would approve our love,
But I don’t think that’s fair.
I hold on tight to every embrace,
I treasure the moments we share.
I don’t want to leave you,
I don’t want this moment to end,
Let’s enjoy this fantasy,
Let’s play pretend…
Pretend there is nothing elseIn this world except you and me.
Because the minute you let go,
It’s time to face reality.
Just hold me close…
And let’s forget the world around,
Take a deep breath,
And listen to the sound
Of our hearts beatingTogether harmoniously.
Touch me as if we’ll never touch again…
Take my lips and kiss them sweetly.
Each time it stings to let go of your hand
And bid you farewell…
And as much pain as I am in,
I know you hurt as well,
It’s easy for me to notice,
Because I see it in your eyes.
When our lips release and our hands let go,
I see something within you dies.
Before you go,
I ask youTo do me one more favor:
Just put me in your arms,
And let’s stay there forever…
For if we die because of our love,
And we’ll never see another day,
I’d rather die loving you,
Than have it any other way...

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