Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ahhh love is in the air....

You may have heard her as the "Dip it Low gal" but this is none other then my fav...Christina Milian, with finace The Dream...I'm diggin this couple...they so frickin' CUTE together. Kinda reminds me of this fella "Sweets" and I, IF we were to ever become a up Tamara! But I love it...and you can tell they are in LOVE with each other!

Thats right girl, sport that ring...such a pretty lady :)

What a lovely ring...I'm jealous :)

Whenever you see the Dream and Milian out...they are always expressing some type of FASHION, now that's the kind of relationship to have!

He got that "Yea fella's, she's mine now...sorry Nick Cannon, but I won!" Look going on. lol.


So...what do you think about this blog?

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