Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ahhh who cares...LET THE MAN PLAY!

Ok...I will be SO GLAD when a team finally decide to sign Mike onto their team...I mean who EFFIN' CARES on what he use to do with HIS dogs! Man, I swear I think America is concerned more about our emails then us...look how many homeless people we have living on the streets with NO food, or home...and we got these damn animal lovers taking their pet to the vet more then they are seen at the doctor...America is so backwards sometimes!!

LOL at this pic...

Hopefully he'll get put on to a new team...hey like @lilduval (twitter) say, he mine as well come to the Jacksonville Jaguars...we need him, just as much as he need us...oops...did I say that?? Haha...i love my Jags...don't get it twisted!

And this pic is just IT..if the WHITE MAN agrees...then we good!! LOL

Hmmm did Mike do a twitter since he's been out? I shall go check RIGHT NOW :)

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