Thursday, July 23, 2009


I need to vent on fake people. I HATE fake people. Especially FAKE, JEALOUS people. One thing that irks that crap outta me is older woman that are jealous and envy younger woman...and I am currently running into these type of females on a regular basis. I'm sorry that when you were my age you ain't "have it like that" and I'm sorry that you're 40 years old PLUS and trying to keep up with me...Sat down somewhere and stock up on your depends, you're 40!!! You're not suppose to look like a 22 year old! And what's REALLY sad is...i'm 22 and I'm making more then YOU! WOW....I'm normally not negative towards people and try to keep a positive attitude. But rat nah...this chick is about to get cold I'm such a good friend and you want to be fake???? Don't come to my house when you need some toilet tissue, or a bottle of water, or when you hungry, because I'm not your momma, and I'm not here to supply for a grown @#$ woman!!! Ahhhhh that feels better!

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