Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whats next???

I'm far to nice...I'm far to kind. I show too much sympathy for the human's that cross my path. I give my heart to fuckers that don't deserve it. And expect high expectations. Why must we take advantage of one another? Why can't we treat everyone with loving, caring hearts. Why do we have to lie to the world as if nothing is going on. I'm done with a lot of things, and most importantly a lot of people. With all that I've been through, you'd think I'd be a bitter female by now...but NOPE...I can only point a finger to ONE PERSON, and that's myself for allowing things to happen. Self-control is what we all need. And self-control is what I'll practice. I'm done being your fool, I'm done giving my all to someone that doesn't deserve it. And most importantly, I'm done listening to what you're "going to do" Actions speak louder then words, and actions are powerful. If you're going to "talk" about it...BE about it. Stop pretending like you "got it like that" to the world. So live and learn...cause boy oh boy...I'm learning! Still smiling though :)

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